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Hire Yourself or Let IT Recruiters Handle The Job?

According to popular estimates, businesses today turn employees at a higher rate than any other point in the past. In addition to be alarming to the potential candidates, this is equally frustrating to company owners who understand that it is extremely costly to continue cycling through the process of hiring, firing, and training new employees. In addition to the expensive IT training process, what is often overlooked is the cost it takes to spend hours interviewing candidates which funnels equity best spent elsewhere from the company. To top it all off, when these hiring processes are held internally, often times the candidate ends up not fulfilling their duty in an effective manner which ends up hurting the company even more. This is where IT recruiters come in.

When it is time to hire a new employee, you have two basic choices. You can advertise the position yourself or you can hire IT recruiters to send you pre-screened qualified applicants. Each process has its ups and downs. In either case, you are going to pay for advertising in order to make it known that you have a position open. But what you should be more concerned about is the applicants you will receive. Consider the following factors when choosing which is best for your business.

Some options could be placing ads in newspapers and on the radio that you have a position available. Unfortunately, with so many people currently in need of jobs, you are likely to have hundreds of applicants for any job you list. It can take a whole week just to sort through applications and resumes, and then conduct interviews. Even with just one person on the job, it can be very costly. However, you will have the opportunity to personally view each application and decide from a large number who you think is the best fit. You may find that someone without a large IT background for the job has a better skill set for the job. With IT recruiters, you may not get to see every application. However, it can also be very stressful when you are forced to read through hundreds of unqualified applicants to find the perfect person.

When you decide to hire IT recruiters, you can filter out the applicants that are not qualified and cut down on the amount of time required in the process. When you cut down the number of applicants, you also cut down the cost for man power to go through them. It can also reduce the stress level that the process brings with it. However, it can be costly to start the initial process of using a recruiting firm. Most charge for every job you list, but with a few you may be able to get a package deal and list unlimited jobs. If you have the choice, a package is the best way to go. While it can be costly to use this method, you can often find applicants with a high skill set. Most recruiting companies pre-screen the applicants to make sure they meet your expectations. This includes testing to see if the individual’s IT skills are satisfactory. If you are in a hurry to fill a position, this may be the best route to take since these companies always have a list of available applicants.

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